Regional Rail Is:

Train #231: Elm St to Marcus Hook is 20 minutes late
Train #545: Doylestown to Malvern is 29 minutes late
Train #548: Bryn Mawr to Suburban Sta is 26 minutes late
Train #548P: 30th Street Station to Doylestown is 18 minutes late
Train #224: Marcus Hook to Norristown is 35 minutes late
Train #544P: 20th St to Doylestown is 59 minutes late

6 out of 23 trains are late! (Avg: 31.1 min late) You may want to look into alternate forms of transportation.

Train data last updated: Sat Nov 17th, 2018 07:34:53 PM

Buses Are:

not f*cked

All 126 bus lines that we know about are running!

Bus data last updated: Sat Nov 17th, 2018 07:33:18 PM